Design and Prepress

Дизајн и подготовка

For us, printing is a craft, but design is an art. That is why as a company we pay great attention to creating creative solutions for our customers. Printing House Sofija has its own team of professional graphic designers with many years of experience in this field. We prepare quality graphic solutions for all products that are part of our portfolio as a printing house. That way our customers get everything in one place, from idea to finished product.

Exactly the appearance of your packaging is what first comes in contact with customers, what attracts or repels their attention. The design conveys a lot of information to your customers, sends a message, shares information. That is why we pay great attention to this part of the process of creating packaging, advertising material, or other types of products and help our customers to be unique and recognizable.


Sofija Printing House offers a print proof service which is actually a preliminary version of the finished product. This gives an idea of what the final product will look like and all the details are specified before the serial printing process begins. Our clients have the opportunity to directly participate in the print proof process and thus get the expected result together.

A print proof provides a close-up view of how the product will appear when it is printed. Print proof is required to ensure that the client and the printer are in full compliance with the desired result before going to print.

The print proof is vital because it helps prevent unforeseen problems with text, images, colors and other design elements. Finding and correcting layout questions i.e. colors, design, and other problems that may arise before you start printing not only save valuable time, but also help to avoid disagreements about the final print and printing costs.

Packaging development

Развој на амбалажа

If you have a new product for which packaging needs to be created or you are not satisfied with the existing packaging of your products, our professional team offers a full service. We will help you create packaging that will be easier, more functional and more durable, supporting the goals of the brand, and what is especially important, attractive and practical for the modern consumer.

Our services include:
• Analyze the existing packaging you are using
• Proposed solution for improving the current packaging or idea for making a new packaging
• Creating packaging construction
• Making a modern and attractive packaging design
• Production and printing of packaging with quality and innovative materials from renowned European manufacturers with certificates of quality and environmental safety

This way you will get a modern and safe finished product that will delight your customers. Because packaging is not just the package of your product but also a sales agent that will attract buyers!


Sofija Printing House offers production of a sample box in the development phase of a new product, as well as in expanding the range of existing products. This is a particularly important segment of the packaging production process, as it allows the customer to see and test the type of paper, the actual size of the box and how its product will fit into the packaging. Also, in this way, the durability of the material is checked, with the possibility to choose the most appropriate one by testing several different materials.

We have an experienced and professional team that will design the perfect packaging for your products. The construction of the packaging is done according to ECMA standards and using the most modern programs intended for this type of work.

Offset Print

Офсет печат

Offset printing is one of the three basic modern printing techniques. This is a classic method, effective for printing on different types of paper. Offset printing enables excellent quality printing, perfect color reproduction and small image elements. In addition to the basic colors (CMYK), an additional color palette (Pantone) can be used, as well as varnishes. Our printing house has the possibility of varnishing with UV Varnish, Water Scattering Varnish, Offset Varnish, as well as selective varnishing with UV Varnish.

This printing method is used in most modern printing houses due to its easy and efficient application. Print quality depends on the skills of the printing team and the technical condition of the equipment. Our printing team are protectors of the integrity of your brand and directly transfer their skills and expertise to your project, confidently creating the best product for you.

Our printing house guarantees high quality offset printing thanks to the new equipment and the skilled staff with 30 years of work experience.

UV Offset Print

UV Офсет печат

Sofija Printing House has a UV machine from the famous German manufacturer "Heidelberg", which enables fast printing with UV colors and UV varnish with the best quality of various non-absorbent materials. With UV Offset printing we have the opportunity to print on PVC stickers, polypropylene, metallized carton, aluket paper for labels, as well as on all non-absorbent materials up to a thickness of 0.9mm. The machine is with IN-line UV varnish, which gives the possibility for selective / partial varnishing.

Digital Print

Дигитален печат

Digital printing is a fast printing technique and today is indispensable when it is necessary to print a small print in the shortest time. Our digital technology offers fast, quality and cost-effective printing that suits you and your customers. With digital printing, your printed materials can be made personalized and attractive to customers by addressing them more directly with unique text, graphics and contact information.

Production of metalized carton

Производство на метализиран картон

Metallized carton is a special type of carton coated with metallized foil. This material is widely used today for various types of packaging boxes. The popularity of this technique is growing day by day. Such material is most often used as premium packaging for pharmacy, cosmetics, alcohol, boxes for the food industry, greeting cards and etc. Printing on metallic cardboard requires UV paints and UV varnish.

Metallized carton is also used in the food and confectionery industry as an interior part of the box. The foil used for lamination is certified for direct contact with food and is a good and safe barrier between the cardboard and the product. The boxes that are used for food packaging, where the product is directly on the foil, we have a certificate for direct contact with food and the client receives it.

Global research shows that metalized packaging attracts much more attention and gives a greater impression of quality compared to traditional packaging.

Production of corrugated cardboard

Производство на микровал

A corrugated cardboard is made of one or more layers glued together between two flat / smooth cardboard sheets on the top and bottom.

The corrugated cardboard is usually made of Flutting, Testliner, Kraft paper, etc. The corrugated cardboard we produce has the features of E-Flute, which is usually suitable for making boxes, but not for transport boxes.

SOFIJA Printing House is the only manufacturer in the region that uses 100% cellulose paper for corrugated cardboard production. The material is procured directly from Finland from the renowned manufacturer MetsaBoard.

The corrugated cardboard is made of 100% cellulose paper and is most often used for making boxes in which food is packed, ie. where the product is in direct contact with the box. This material is made of 100% cellulose and has a certificate for direct contact with food and it is most often used to make boxes for: pizzas, burgers, food delivery boxes, cake packing boxes, etc.