The printing house Sofija - Bogdanci was founded in 1991 as a company for making graphic services and trade. With time passing by, the printing house’s size was growing gradually. Today the Printing House has over fifty employees and is with full technical-technological productional process in the graphic activities. It’s been settled in 2000 squared meters working place.

      In technical-technological view the printing house has the full production process so it has it’s own section for design and computer work, fitted with professional graphic stations, in witch works a superb designers team. The printing goes on more printing machines, all of them are from the famous brand “Hidelberg”. Printing house Sofija menages with machines for printing fine packings and paper bags with top quality.

      With it’s function the firm is oriented in graphic design and all the types of office material, advertising material ( posters, catalogs, flyers… ), labels, books, newspapers, fine packing, paper bags e.t.c.

      The firm is placed in Bogdanci. There, the whole process of production goes on, and for more successful communication with our partners, a branch office has been opened in Skopje in witch the orders are delivered and a part of the design of the products is made here.

     In the structure of the object in Bogdanci there is a gallery space and special working places for Graphic arts. In the gallery space, works from famous Macedonian as well as foreign artists are exibitted.

      In future the print house has tendency to gather the graphic as an art from one side and practical adjustment in the process of printing on other side.

     In order to maximize the satisfaction achieved by the quality of products and services, to maintain constant progress and fulfill the client’s expectations, the print-house introduced a quality management system adjusted to the structure of the whole organisation and based upon the ISO9001:2000 standards. Therefore the print-house is certified according to the ISO9001:2000 standard.

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